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Some more watercolours

Some more watercolours…


These are little watercolours I did  as presents for my girls at New Year’s. They are all scenes of our hometown, mostly from our childhood.

Snowy London

Snowy London. Westminster. Watercolour on paper, 2016.      

Today’s sketch

Sketching for a painting is a bit like those first chats with someone you just met, finding out if you could be friends. I think we might become friends with this one…  

Some life drawing again


Life Drawing Session

  Some life drawing from last night.  

Some life drawing before holidays


Life Drawing at Leighton House Museum

Yesterday I had an opportunity to experience a life drawing session in one of the most amazing places in London. Leighton House Museum decided to let the beautiful museum room return to its original use for… Continue reading

The Black Cat Cabaret

  Japanese Ink on Paper, 2014 (All Rights Reserved) I went to see The Black Cat Cabaret the other day (http://www.theblackcat.info).  Ended up in another world, another time… They create a magical show.… Continue reading

Quick sketch after Bonnard’s Le Jarretieres Rouges

Quick sketch after Bonnard’s Le Jarretieres Rouges Japanese Ink on Paper, 2014 (All Rights Reserved)

Two drawings from today

  Some drawings from today… Playing with ink and  a multiliner pen.

Sketching around London

Sketch, Relaxed

  Sketch, Relaxed Charcoal on Paper, 2013 (All Rights Reserved)


Moving 1/3 Chinese Ink, Charcoal and white Pastel on Paper, 2013 (All Rights Reserved)