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Oils from the last few days

Oil on boards and still life is on thick watercolour paper. 2017

Snowy London, Westminster Bridge

Oil on board, 2016.

Snowy London

Snowy London. Westminster. Watercolour on paper, 2016.      

Some watercolour sketches

Richmond bridge

Richmond bridge, oil on board. 2016

Durdle door

  Oil on board, 2016

The View from the Richmond Hill

Oil on board. 2016

Summer at Kew Gardens, the rose garden

  Oil on board. 2016

The view from mum and dad’s

Oil on paper canvas, 2016

Croatian coast

Croatian coast, stormy evening. Oil on paper canvas, 2016    

More summer at Kew

More summer at Kew. Beautiful day yesterday. Oil on board, 2016.

Richmond hill, IV

Another view from the Richmond hill finished.

From Richmond hill

From Richmond hill. Oil on paper canvas. 2016.


Treetop outside my window. Oil on paper canvas. 2016.


  Spring. Oil sketch on board. 2016


Some more watercolours

Some watercolours

Morning in Richmond Park

Morning in Richmond Park, 2015. Japanese watercolour on Sennelier paper.

Miniature watercolours

    Japanese Watercolour on Watercolour Paper, 2015 (All Rights Reserved) I have been playing with Japanese watercolours again. This time a few miniatures and one first addition to FreeArtFriday.    

Driving North

Driving North, Oil on Canvas (2015)

Summer Meadow

Summer Meadow, Oil on Canvas Board (2015)