Monthly Archive: June, 2016

Little seascape sketch

A little seascape sketch. Oil on board. 2016

Summer at Kew Gardens Series

Summer at Kew Gardens series. Oil on board, 2016. Really enjoyed painting these and quite like how they turned out. All I need now is a gallery wall somewhere for these summer joys!

More summer at Kew

More summer at Kew. Beautiful day yesterday. Oil on board, 2016.

Summer at Kew Gardens

Summer at Kew Gardens. Oil on board. 2016

Waiting for the beach

Waiting for the beach. 2016

Richmond hill, IV

Another view from the Richmond hill finished.

Painting progress

Here is a little insight into the painting process of what is still a work in progress… Richmond hill, the view.

Today’s sketch

Sketching for a painting is a bit like those first chats with someone you just met, finding out if you could be friends. I think we might become friends with this one…